Commandment 613



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Short, Documentary, USA, 2020, director Miriam Lewin & Randi Cecchine, rating G
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Rabbi Kevin Hale joyfully practices the sacred craft of Torah restoration, bringing new life to scrolls saved in Czechoslovakia during the Shoah. As his scribal work takes him to communities now entrusted with the scrolls, he reflects on his own path to faith and practice. The Czech scrolls that Rabbi Hale restores belong to the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London, and are on long-term loan to communities around the world. For more information about the Trust and the history of the scrolls:

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Join us for a conversation with filmmakers Miriam Lewin and Randi Cecchine after the final credits. 

Miriam Lewin joins us from Brooklyn. Her films include documentaries about teaching the arts, housing discrimination, and the Yale Glee Club. She also produces classical-music radio programs – you might have heard some of her Jewish holiday specials hosted by violinist Itzhak Perlman. And, she manages the world’s oldest opera supertitle business.

Randi Cecchine, editor and principal camerawoman of Commandment 613 will join us from Amsterdam, where she lives, and is working on a Master’s degree in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image. Randi is a documentary filmmaker herself, and her interest in spiritual matters dates back to before her Bat Mitzvah.