Haymatloz - Exile in Turkey (Exil in der Türkei)


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Documentary Feature, Germany/Turkey, 2016. Directed by Eren Önsöz.
During the Second World War, a considerable number of German intellectuals emigrated to Turkey at the invitation of Atatürk and went on to definitively shape the teaching and instruction in Turkish universities. Turkish-born filmmaker Önsöz accompanies the descendants and students of these German exiles and sheds light on a memorable piece of history whose contributions are still felt to this day. These renowned Germans played a substantial role in the Europeanization of Turkey. At the same time, the movie asks what remains of their legacy given that the Turkey of today reflects a visible reversal of Atatürk’s reforms.

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Eren Önsöz was born in Kayseri, Turkey. She earned Masters of Arts degrees in German literature and Mass Media. During her studies in Düsseldorf and Rome, she began writing and acting in political satires and performed from 1990-1999 with the group KGB – Satire against Evil. Since 1997, she has been working as a freelance journalist for radio and television. In 2005, she received a postgraduate degree in Film and Television at the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Köln. The award-winning Import-Export was her thesis film.

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