Holy Woman (Tzadeikis)



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Comedy Short, USA, 2021. Directed by Emily Cheeger.
This is magical-realism, Yiddish-language dark comedy that considers the nature of the soul, When an Orthodox woman channels a deceased leader of her community and begins to sprout facial hair, she creates a conundrum for her husband and the rabbis. This highly original film challenges the boundaries of identity and religion and how the two fit together with startling humor. Beautifully shot and captivating to watch from start to finish, the film is driven by a commitment to represent the Hasidic community with affection and dignity, as well as fastidious attention to Orthodox detail and accuracy. This film is part of our support for emerging filmmakers and is a New York University thesis project by student director Emily Cheeger.

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Join us for a conversation with director Emily Cheeger after the final credits.

Emily Cheeger is an M.F.A. graduate of NYU's Graduate Film Program, and received her B.A. from Yale University in Music and Multimedia Art. Born in Helsinki, Finland and raised between Europe and the United States, her previous short films include Charity, Adversity, ParvatiThe Last Blood Sings Softly; and The Urn. She is currently preparing her first feature film project, Dancing At Two Weddings, also set in Hasidic Brooklyn. Emily is also an acclaimed recording artist, performing under the name Vuk.

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