Kindertransports to Sweden (Kindertransporter till Sverige)


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Documentary Feature, Sweden/Austria, 2020. Directed by Gülseren Şengezer.
The fate of four Jewish survivors who were sent on their own by their parents to Sweden during the Third Reich, by “Kindertransports,” in order to save them from the Nazi terror. This haunting, poignant film looks at the Nazi crimes from the perspective of their youngest victims, the children and adolescents, and explains how they tried to handle the emotional chaos the escape caused. .Most of them never saw their parents again. Sweden only gave 500 children shelter

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Join us for a conversation with director Gülseren Şengezer after the final credits.

Gülseren Şengezer is an award-winning German-Swedish filmmaker and journalist with Kurdish roots. She studied pedagogy, psychology and sociology in Frankfurt. After completing her studies, she worked as a freelance editor at ZDF, a German public service television broadcaster. In 2010, she received the Main Journalist Prize for her documentary The Ludwigshafen Fire Disaster: Life Afterwards. Since 2013, she has made Stockholm her home and place of work.

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