Marriage Material



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Narrative Short, Comedy, USA, 2018. Directed by Oran Zegman.
After her boyfriend rejects her marriage proposal, 34-year-old Leah Schwartzmann Leah checks herself into the ‘Late Blooming Bride’ retreat; which re-packages women into “Marriage Material” at all costs in order to perfect them for their ideal partners. But, in the demanding pursuit of perfection, how much is Leah willing to sacrifice? A glittery, musical satire with a feminist twist. This film is part of our support for emerging filmmakers and is a American Film Institute Conservatory thesis project by student director Oran Zegman.

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Join us for a conversation with director Oran Zegman after the final credits.

Oran Zegman started out as an actor, but when that dream never materialized, she turned her talents to filmmaking. She is now an award-winning director based in Los Angeles. In 2018, Oran received her Masters of Fine Arts in Directing from the world-renowned American Film Institute. Her film, Marriage Material was a Student Academy Awards finalist. Growing up in an Israeli-Greek-Polish family has inspired her to look for the comedic perspective in dark and often tragic themes which is at the core of her unorthodox, humorous storytelling.

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