Neighbours (Nachbarn)



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Narrative Feature, Kurdistan/Syria, 2021. Directed by Mano Khalil. PG-13
Inspired by the director’s personal experiences, his bitter-sweet memories connect the Syrian tragedy to the present. In a border village in the early 80s, little Sero attend a Syrian school where a new teacher has the goal of making strapping Panarabic comrades out of the Kurdish children. He forbids the Kurdish language, orders the veneration of Assad and preaches hate of their Zionist enemy - the Jews. Little Sero is confused because his long-time neighbors are a lovable Jewish family. Sero’s is still able to find light moments between the dictatorship and dark drama of the adults around him crushed by the despotism, violence and nationalism.

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Join us for a conversation with director Mano Khalil after the final credits.

Mano Khalil was born in Syrian Kurdistan. From 1981-1986 he studied history and law at Damascus University in Syria. He then went on to study narrative film direction in Czechoslovakia where he later worked as an independent film director,  there, as well as for Slovakian television. Since 1996, he has lived in Switzerland working as an independent film director and producer. Neighbors has been a 25 -year labour of love which he crafted with an international team of filmmakers and actors, filmed in Iraq.

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