Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness


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Documentary Feature, USA, 2011. Directed by Joseph Dorman.
A riveting portrait of the great writer whose stories became the basis of the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof. This biopic tells the tale of the rebellious genius who created an entirely new literature. Plumbing the depths of a Jewish world locked in crisis and on the cusp of profound change, he captured that world with brilliant humor. Sholem Aleichem was not just a witness to the creation of a new modern Jewish identity, but one of the very men who forged it. This film was specially curated to enhance your experience of the Fiddler on Roof performances coming to the PAC.

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Join us for a conversation with director Joseph Dorman after the final credits.

Joseph Dorman is the founder of Riverside Films, a documentary film company. He wrote and directed the Peabody Award-winning documentary Arguing the World, about eminent political writers and thinkers; Moynihan, about the outspoken politician and senator; and Colliding Dreams, which explores the controversial history of Zionism. In addition, Mr. Dorman wrote the scripts for the films The Endurance, Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Adventure and Going Upriver, The Private War of John Kerry. The New York Times has cited his films as among the best documentaries of the last ten years, and PBS has featured his films numerous times. 

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