Syndrome K


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Documentary, Feature, Italy/USA, 2021. Directed by Stephen Edwards.
It might just be the only disease to have saved lives. And it didn’t really exist. This is the story of three courageous Roman Catholic doctors who saved Jews by convincing the Nazis that their Jewish patients were infected with a highly deadly and contagious disease that the doctors called Syndrome K. The terrified Nazis ran the other way.

Join us for a conversation with director Stephen Edwards after the final credits.

Stephen Edwards is one of today’s most in-demand film and television composers. An accomplished pianist who can be heard on Hollywood’s top soundtracks, Edwards has also won acclaim for his orchestral and choral compositions that have been performed at Carnegie Hall and the Vatican. As one of Hollywood’s most prolific composers, Edwards’ original compositions are featured in top grossing films including the multiple Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club, and Nomadland. Between his film and television work he has composed for more than 90 projects. 

In 2017, Edwards’ first documentary, Requiem for My Mother was released by American Public Television. While making the film in Italy, he learned about the fascinating story of Syndrome K. A citizen of both the United States and Italy, Edwards lives in California with his two daughters.

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