Ismail's Dilemma (Dilema e Ismailit)



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Narrative Short, Albania, 2020. Directed by Dhimitër Ismailaj-Valona.
In Nazi occupied Albania, a poor Muslim peasant named Ismail is torn between upholding Besa - the national code of honor or protecting his family from certain death. He has been harboring two Jewish men for more than a year when tensions rise as the Nazis arrive in his village. He begs his neighbors to help him find a solution, but with no help in sight, the soldiers come to his home. What does the ancient code of Besa truly mean to a man about to lose everything.

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Join us for a conversation with director Dhimitër Ismailaj-Valona after the final credits.

Dhimitër Ismailaj-Valona is an award-winning director interested in creating films that address important social issues with heart. He has written and directed ten short films, winning dozens of awards internationally. Among the topics he’s tackled are women with terminal illness, Nazi atrocities and illegal organ trafficking in the Balkans, In 2017, his humorous short Growing up Fat & Albanian screened at 20 festivals, winning eight awards. As an indie filmmaker, he’s gained a reputation for being an effective professional able to get excellent results on a small budget. Currently, Dhimitër is an assistant director and cameraman on feature films alongside A-list actors and is developing his first feature film The Bronx Case

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