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Ismail's Dilemma (Dilema e Ismailit)

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Narrative Short, Albania, 2020. Directed by Dhimitër Ismailaj-Valona.
In Nazi occupied Albania, a poor Muslim peasant named Ismail is torn between upholding Besa - the national code of honor or protecting his family from certain death. He has been harboring two Jewish men for more than a year when tensions rise as the Nazis arrive in his village. He begs his neighbors to help him find a solution, but with no help in sight, the soldiers come to his home. What does the ancient code of Besa truly mean to a man about to lose everything.

Jewish Identity in France

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Documentary Short, France/Israel, 2014. Written and directed by Gilad Inbar.
An in-depth visit to Paris of today and an investigation into the Jews who live there. Interviews with musicians, professors, students, journalists, sociologists and activists candidly reveal not only the anti-semitic history that underpins French society but also how the current generation sees themselves in a world of immigrants and a changing social climate.