Jewish Identity in France



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Documentary Short, France/Israel, 2014. Written and directed by Gilad Inbar.
An in-depth visit to Paris of today and an investigation into the Jews who live there. Interviews with musicians, professors, students, journalists, sociologists and activists candidly reveal not only the anti-semitic history that underpins French society but also how the current generation sees themselves in a world of immigrants and a changing social climate.

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Gilad Inbar is a director, producer, and film editor, He graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School. Mr. Inbar directed the documentary films Shlomo Bar: A Musical Documentary (2021), The Hungarian Curse – A Journey with Andre Hadju (2013) and edited several feature films and television series including: The Testament (Amichai Greenberg, 2017), which won the Best Film Award at the Haifa Film Festival and was screened at the Venice Film Festival, and Suicide (Benny Friedman, 2015), Utopia Festival Award and was screened on Netflix. He currently resides in Israel.

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