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The Mezuzah

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Documentary Short, Netherlands, 2020. Directed by Bahram Sadeghi and Dikla Zeidler.
The mezuzah is one of the most visible symbols of Judaism. This documentary explores the religious, practical (writing and affixing), historical, legal and even hygienic aspects of the mezuzot. From the Jewish-American astronaut who took a mezuzah with him to outer space to a Dutch lady who accidentally found a mezuzah hidden behind her historic home's door, the individual stories are as unique as the mezuzahs on their doors.

The Tattooed Torah

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Narrative Short, USA/Czech Republic, 2019. Directed by Marc Bennett.
Over the last three decades, Marvell Ginsburg's beloved children's book has been a powerful resource for educating children about the Holocaust. This remarkable adaptation into an animated short film brings original illustrator Martin Lemelman's rich artwork to life. Now more than ever, it is essential to continue teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to young children in an impactful and palatable way, so that such horrific events are never forgotten and never repeated. The film is made all the more charming with the narration by the late Ed Asner.