The Mezuzah



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Documentary Short, Netherlands, 2020. Directed by Bahram Sadeghi and Dikla Zeidler.
The mezuzah is one of the most visible symbols of Judaism. This documentary explores the religious, practical (writing and affixing), historical, legal and even hygienic aspects of the mezuzot. From the Jewish-American astronaut who took a mezuzah with him to outer space to a Dutch lady who accidentally found a mezuzah hidden behind her historic home's door, the individual stories are as unique as the mezuzahs on their doors.

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Join us for a conversation with directors Bahram Sadeghi and Dikla Zeidler after the final credits.

Bahram Sadeghi is from Iran, and based in Amsterdam for the last 30 years. He is a journalist/writer who works as freelancer for Dutch newspapers. He often appears on Dutch television as a moderator and interviewer. In addition to co-directing The Mezuzah he has made two other documentaries , The Iranian Israelis and The Square Speaks, with his partner Dikla Zeidler.

Dikla Zeidler was born in Israel and raised in the Netherlands. She works as a journalist and documentary filmmaker with a focus on Jewish and Israeli themes. Her first documentary film was Sister, Soldier (2013) is about her sister’s journey in the Israeli army. and SAMAR: Are we flying or falling?, which follows life on a socialist-anarchist kibbutz. She is currently working on multiple productions in development.

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